No Good Men

Takahisa Zeze, 1995, 64 mins

AKA Yoru naku semi, Night-Chirping Locust, Owaranai Sex, Endless Sex

Sex in the workplace can get a little messy… especially if you’re with the wrong man.

Kumiko (Shoko Kudo) is a girl that simply wants to be loved, and that sexual obsession leads to her downfall. Her constant need for touch and affection from her male suitors causes her to seek the beds of anyone; from strangers to her own boss. Her romantic problems only worsen when one man records their sexual encounter on tape and uses the footage to torment her.

A young man, played by Yota Kawase, becomes infatuated with Kumiko and they start seeing each other. Pressures from the tape recording and Yumiko’s insatiable sexual appetite wear on the two, and something has to give!

“A sex film foremost, but there is enough depth here to satisfy fans of the more layered pinku movie” –