My Hero, Chihiro

Motosugu Watanabe, 2016, 70 mins

AKA Itazura tenshi: Midare sugata shichihenge

My Hero, Chihiro stars the beautiful Rin Sakuragi (Body Temperature) as Chihiro, a bored housewife who learns the hard way the meaning of the expression ‘Be careful what you wish for’ when one day she wishes that the world would disappear. Unluckily for Chihiro God hears her and, arriving in the form of a pretty girl in a blue dress, tells Chihiro that she will make Japan vanish unless she can complete one task; to become the country’s top Idol! Luckily, God’s long-standing arch-enemy the Devil arrives to sort out the mess!

Directed by Motosugu Watanabe (Whore Angels, Sexy Battle Girls, Milk the Maid), My Hero, Chihiro is a fabulous mix of OTT comedy and sex with lashings of fantasy and bizarre happenings which make it another must-have for fans of Pink cinema.

You really are a devil…
but maybe once in a hundred years is OK!