Madcap Pinku Mayhem!

Three hilarious, OTT, and strangely metaphysical examples of Pinku!

Uncle’s Paradise – Shinji Imaoka, 2006, 64 mins

A really bizarre and wonderful pink film in which uncle Takashi unexpectedly visits his nephew Harou who lives a simple life in a fishing village. The problem for Harou is that his uncle has a few personal issues… when he’s asleep he has noisy nightmares and when he’s awake he’s a sex maniac!

Watch Eileen Daly’s review of the film for free, here…

‘one of the most entertaining comedies I’ve seen’

‘a wild, campy and comedic adventure – Giant squids. Killer spiders. Penis-biting snakes.’

My Hero, Chihiro – Motosugu Watanabe, 2016, 70 mins

Chihiro, a bored housewife learns the hard way the meaning of the expression ‘Be careful what you wish for’ when one day she wishes that the world would disappear. Unluckily for Chihiro God hears her and, arriving in the form of a pretty girl in a blue dress, tells Chihiro that she will make Japan vanish unless she can complete one task; to become the country’s top Idol! Luckily, God’s long-standing arch-enemy the Devil arrives to sort out the mess!

Directed by Motosugu Watanabe (Whore Angels, Sexy Battle Girls, Milk the Maid), My Hero, Chihiro is a fabulous mix of OTT comedy and sex with lashings of fantasy and bizarre happenings which make it another must-have for fans of Pink cinema.

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Naked Desire – Hideo Sakaki, 2015, 77 mins

Akane is a chaste and conservative nun living in a remote house while caring for an elderly man, who is severely ill and barely conscious. One day their ordered life is thrown into turmoil by the arrival of Kayoko, a sexually crazed woman who is mentally unstable, and a female school teacher and a young male student who have run away together in order to have sex before they are caught by the police… who are in hot pursuit. As the atmosphere in the house becomes increasingly depraved and sexual, so Akane must decide if she can remain true to her faith or give into her desires…

“Don’t get in the way of love, pigs!”

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