Japanese Wife Next Door 1 & 2 Double-bill

A glorious double-bill pairing two of the craziest and sexiest pinku films ever made

Japanese Wife Next Door AKA Inran naru ichizoku: Dai-ni-shô – zetsurin no hate ni

Yutaka Ikejima, 2004, 60 mins

A quiet office worker looking for a girlfriend and marriage, goes to a party, meets a pretty girl and starts dating her. Six months later they get married and he discovers her secret, she’s a nymphomaniac!

At first he enjoys the nonstop sex, but then tires and starts staying at the office longer to avoid all the sex. Soon his wife’s lustful cravings force her to look elsewhere … his family. Seducing everyone from his father to his grandmother, his wife turns his entire family into sexual animals!

“Packed to the gills with sex, nudity, insanity and funny moments” I Heart Chaos

Japanese Wife Next Door 2 AKA Inran naru ichizoku: Dai-isshô – Chijin-tachi no tawamure

Yutaka Ikejima, 2004, 61 mins

Every choice you make can change the course of your life, and, as was the case with the first film in the Japanese Wife Next Door series, our hero, a businessman, decides that he needs a wife to make his life complete. He meets two women and this time decides to marry the rich one… unfortunately for him, her family are comprised of sadomasochistic sex maniacs!

“One of the raunchiest and funniest Pink films we’ve ever seen” TLAraw

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