Japanese Wife Next Door 2

Yutaka Ikejima,2004,61 mins

Every choice you make can change the course of your life, and, as was the case
with the first film in the Japanese Wife Next Door series, our hero, a business man, decides that he needs a wife to make his life complete. He meets two women and decides to marry the rich one… unfortunately for him her family are comprised of sadomasochistic sex maniacs! His marriage now consides of massive amounts of sex and perversion, including a surprise appearance by the curvaceous, Reiko Yamagushi.
One of the raunchiest and funniest Pink films
we’ve ever seen’
Hideo Sakaki
Run Time
77 minutes
Japanese, English dubbed version
Ui Mita, Shô Nishino, Yasuyo Shiba, Shigeru Harihara, Yûta Kogiri, Tadashi Mizuno, Matarô Umeya, Ayumi Tomiyama, Kôichi Miwa, Norihisa Ogawa,