The I See the Dead Series so far…

A Triple-Thrill of Ectoplasm and Ghastly Ghouls…

Mr Crispin – Director’s cut, 2022, 80 mins

Eileen Daly and the I See The Dead team are sent to investigate Mr Crispin, and will potentially unearth a terrible secret!

Presenter Eileen arrives first, and although Crispin seems polite enough, it is apparent that not only is he slightly odd, he also has a very strange relationship with his mother. Eileen prepares to stay the night and await the arrival of the rest of the team in the morning, so they can get to the bottom of just on Earth what is going on…

With its tongue firmly in its cheek, this is a hilarious adventure into the mystery, wonder, and just quite how weird some people can be.

Hollywood Betrayed, 2022, 76 mins

Somewhere in Normsville, Suburbia, England, is a hotel of horrors… The hotelier has invited the ghost-busting team in to help rid the place of evil, but is there really evil in the hotel, or is it in his head?

As usual for the team, there’s definitely something strange going on. Is Eileen really getting into the spirit of things, or has the spirit really gotten into Eileen?!

Witches Brew, 2023, 72 mins

The team arrive at another seemingly haunted hotel for what seems to be a quick job. However the boys have a strange new virility potion and have become distracted by the equally strange nieces of the property’s owner, and there is something extremely dark and malevolent within these walls. Can Eileen work out what’s happening on her own and save the boys? Will help arrive in time if not?

Demonic succubi, centuries old witches, and discord within the team…. Someone is keeping secrets!

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