Horror and Chill

A Valentine’s Day ‘romantic’ movie night, but done the Redemption Way… 

The Iron Rose – Jean Rollin, 1972, 85 mins

This is one of Rollin’s rarest films, and a true treat for fans. Centred on a young couple who make love in an abandoned tomb and find themselves trapped for the night among the graves and crypts of a massive cemetery. The pair frantically try to escape the haunted grounds but all in vain as they are slowly overtaken by hysteria and finally death.

“I cannot recommend The Iron Rose enough” – Screen Anarchy

“A work of art” – Confluence of Cult

Museum of Wonders – Domiziano Cristopharo, 2010, 99 mins

2010 Fantafestival – Won, Best Film

When the beautiful dancer Salome learns that the dwarf circus owner Marcel has just received an inheritance, she marries the lovesick, diminutive performer, all the while planning to steal his fortune and run off with her lover, strong man Sansone.

When Marcel and fellow performers discover her evil plan, they band together to carry out an act of brutal revenge.

“Dashes of arthouse pizzazz and tattoo shop swagger” – Horror News Network

“Beauty, madness, sex and blood are melted together” – Quiet Earth

The Black Forest – Rodrigo Aragão, 2018, 98 mins

In a forest in the heart of Brazil, a girl sees her life – and everyone around her – change terribly, when she finds the Lost Book of Cypriano, whose Dark Magic, besides bestowing power and wealth on its possessor, unleashes a terrible evil upon the world…

““A gorily unhinged world of hell with a diabolically compromised innocent at its centre” – Projected Figures

Fantasporto 2019 Winner – International Fantasy Award – Best Screenplay

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