Hollywood Horrorfest

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A scintillating selection of blood-curdling, gore-filled short films…


A young mother brings her daughter to work – even though her job is being a lingerie-clad maid for a paraplegic millionaire. Soon things turn even darker and both mother and daughter are trapped in the house and fighting for their lives.


Minutes after a technical failure a female astronaut is ejected from her cockpit and into space. With no hope of rescue and her oxygen supply fading quickly she passes out. Adrift in space for hours she awakens to find herself facing a mysterious entity.

Bright Eyes

A startled young woman suddenly awakes on hearing a strange noise in her house. Someone, or something, has broken in. A bizarre game of cat and mouse ensues in this award-winning satirical riff on the tropes of the horror genre.

Bar Talk

In a dusty Texas bar, a chatty stranger strikes up a conversation with a bored local. The more this out-of-towner talks, the more sinister the conversation becomes.

Drunken Moon

A strange, lonely drunk used to wander the streets at night in this small Texas town. Nobody knew much about him… until it was too late.