Heart Stopping Horror

Three terror-filled indy horrors at the palpitating price of just $9

Lonely Hearts: Jessica Hunt & Sam Mason Bell, 2017, 91 mins


Five singletons, on a quest to find love and companionship, and who will go to any length to try to find the perfect partner, sign up for a new reality TV show with a difference, an unexpected experiment in love, companionship, need, hunger, blood, insanity and fear awaits the contestants.

‘…spine-chilling and wildly erotic horror offering…’

Millennial Killer: Sam Mason-Bell, 2020, 71 mins

A step onto the housing ladder is a step on the path to hell…

Getting your first home can be a total headache. The mortgage… The move… The estate agent smashing your brains in with a hammer.

“Vile, unsettling and downright repulsive…one incredibly badass and entertaining film” – houseoftorturedsouls.com

The Truth Will Out: Jessica Hunt and Sam Mason Bell, 2020, 89 mins

A documentary crew interviews a woman and her two daughters, who claim to be witches. These claims are seemingly proven after the already unlikeable documentary host is inappropriate with the youngest daughter…

“Absolutely unnerving” – searchmytrash.com

$9 for 5 days VOD rental