Groper Train: Wedding Capriccio

Yôjirô Takita, 1984, 67 mins

AKA Chikan Densha: Chinchin Hassha

The world’s greatest detective, Ippei Kuroda, is back and this time hired by a politician to find his estranged daughter. When the daughter is found dead, the mystery deepens. Meanwhile, Kuroda’s assistant tries to stop her arranged marriage to a country hick by shacking-up with a composer who writes symphonies on his calculator – when he’s not groping women on the Tokyo trains!

Never fear! The world’s greatest detective is on the case and groping all the way!

Director Yôjirô Takita would go on to win a Best Foreign Film Oscar in 2008, for Departures…

“Needs to be seen to be believed!” –

“Groper Train titles are among the best and most subversive pink films ever made” –