Grapes of Death

Jean Rollin, 1978, 90 mins

AKA Les Raisins de la Mort

The grapes used to produce the wine for a village’s annual Grape Harvest Festival have been polluted by toxic chemicals that bring on a form of zombified insanity in those who drink the wine. The victim’s flesh also melts, adding another layer of torment to their crazed suffering and madness.

For director Jean Rollin, Grapes of Death was a major departure from his usual dream-like vampire films in that he set out to frighten and horrify rather than to captivate and astound, and he does so with great success. Grapes of Death also stars Rollin’s favourite actress Brigitte Lahaie.

“Rollin unearths fresh rural dread in surreal zombie poem–Creepy and Original ‘Environmentalist’ Zombie Gore!!” – Cinafilm