Ghosts, Slashers, Vampires… & Sex!

A triple-bill of Pinku horror…

Twilight Dinner – Yutaka Ikejima, 1998, 62 mins

Police interview a man who was found at the scene of a brutal crime. His long winded explanation starts with two strange sisters moving in nearby. Clouded by his crush on one of them, he seems to not notice their bizarre behaviour… until they suddenly pack up and leave. It is at this point he notices his own behaviour changing, and some very strange impulses…

“much bigger and grander than a traditional pink film”

Darkroom Fantasies AKA High-Noon Ripper – Yôjirô Takita, 1984, 60 mins

A career minded journalist works closely with a photographer to catch the ultiamte scoop as there is a serial killer operating in the area. They stumble upon a man with a 1 in a million photo, taken from a train, at just the right time that it may show one of the murders in progress. They soon realise they may have found more than the perfect picture. Just how far will they go to clinch the front page?!

“It’s basically Pinky Giallo… A solid pink film with a lot of insanity”

The Dollhouse – Takaaki Hashiguchi, 2004, 61 mins

A couple move into a new house and start to notice bizarre and disturbing things happening. Yoko begins to see ghosts and later finds a strange, disquieting doll. Investigations reveal the house has a dark, secret past… A highly sexualised, supernatural, erotic thriller, inspired by films like The Grudge.

“The Dollhouse seamlessly merges sex with horror”

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