Fight Like A Girl

Blood! Breasts! Bravado!

Take Back the Knife – Matt Storc, 2015, 80 mins

After surviving separate gruesome incidents, three girls relax on a weekend getaway… The appearance of a crazed stalker, and rising tensions push the three back into the hell they had tried to forget. This time, however, they would rather spill blood than run from their demons.

“Fucked up shit…if you like Slashers with a healthy dose of comedy and a hefty dose of darkness then I highly recommend Take Back the Knife” –

Ghoul Scout Zombie Massacre – Eric Eichelberger, 2012, 111 mins

Four girls find themselves in a reform school run by an evil woman and her equally demented, porn distributing, scientist brother. Using laced Girl Scout cookies he plans to create lobotomized sex slaves, but as ever, the serum doesn’t work in quite the way he had envisaged and it’s up to the girls to clean up the mess and restore peace before it’s too late. Campy OTT exploitation cinema at its least serious!

“Your mom would hate this movie”

Brides of Satan – Joe Bizarro, 2021, 80 mins

When a happy young couple are kidnapped by a gang of thrill-seeking strippers, “The Brides of Satan”, a brutal and terrifying evening unfolds; leaving the lone heroine to stand against the looming forces of darkness and evil! With Malice McMunn, Mindy Robinson, Joanna Angel and Rachel Rampage…

“The gore factor is very enjoyable” –