A Festival of the ExStream – The films of Jason Impey

This October we celebrated the films of Jason Impey, with four new additions to the crypt by the master of shock and gore. Watch all four for the special bundle price of $9

Visions of Filth – 2012, 63 mins

A man suffers in agony, his life flashing before his eyes… It is a life that has always been filled with pain, distress, gore, depravity. However… it is only now, in what seems like his last hours, that he is not the one inflicting this on other people. As you see more of his memories you will be shocked at any empathy you felt for this man. Is he not haunted by these ghosts at all?!

Possibly Jason’s most brutal and sadistic film to date, available for the first time here on Redemption TV

“This film was fucking disgusting… And I loved every fucking second of it.” – Steve’s Horror Cave

Winner – Best SFX: Sarah of Horror Film Festival 2022

Snuffology – 2017, 17 mins

Found footage shows the sick and twisted life of Jack Hess; a character Jason has returned to, building on an initial short that is also available here on Redemption TV. We can now see childhood moments, interspersed with his descent from making realistic extreme movies, to wanting to make a real snuff film, planning and executing, his interactions with those closest to him… His eventual inevitable downfall.

“While this won’t be for everyone, no one can argue that Jason Impey loves what he does and it shows in his films.” Horror Screams Video Vault

Poison Lover – 2018, 25 mins

Mina is suffering a mysterious illness while her husband Jonathan tries his best to look after her, or is he?

All is not as it seems…

The Turning (AKA Zombie Lover) – 2010, 92 mins

Dillon Slater has a complicated past and is on the run. Coincidentally, he runs into his ex-girlfriend Stacy.

She tells him that she is married to Michael and that he is abusing her.

He is also secretly bringing corpses back to life to create a Nazi army…

“Desire leads to murder, murder leads to passion and passion leads to The Turning”

$9 for 5 days VOD streaming