Fall Into The Blue

Toshiro Enomoto, 2006, 64 mins

AKA Shimai: Inran Na Mitsugi

Yasuko and Shizuka, friends and coworkers, come to be so much more after a terrible incident involving Shizuka’s boyfriend.  After an intense fight that left Shizuka with a black eye, she takes her revenge by bludgeoning her boyfriend in the head, leaving his lifeless body on the bathroom floor.  Yasuko pledges her support to Shizuka and tells her its all going to be ok, and that she will help take care of the body.  The two women share a bed while staying with Yasuko’s sister, and things start to get hot and heavy.

Meanwhile, Yasuko goes into business with her sister, who is a widow that enjoys spending her money on male escorts.  One night, she invites the girls out to the club that she frequents.  Yasuko is not feeling it, but Shizuka warms up quickly to the gentleman that keeps giving her attention and compliments.  Hurt and despondent, Yasuko lashes out at Shizuka and proclaims her love for her.  The friends must decide what to do about the dead body, as well as their complicated relationship.

“manages to pack a bit of an emotional punch, while creating strong characters” – asianmoviepulse.com