Eileen Daly’s Sinema Reviews – Amazon Hot Box

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A new series on RedemptionTV.net as our favourite scream queen and the face of Redemption, the wonderful Eileen Day, gives her unique, personal and light-hearted take on our latest releases.

This time Eileen reviews Amazon Hot Box, in which an innocent college student (who is in South America to ‘save the turtles’) is tossed into a jungle hellhole, where she must fight for her life against an evil depraved wardress (in the style of Ilsa, She-Wolf of the SS), perverse psycho inmates (in the form of the fabulous Tristan Risk), voodoo experiments and The Incredible Torture Machine.

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“So much glorious madness” – morbidlybeautiful.com

“…features insane amounts of nudity, violence and gore, including hearts getting ripped out, genital mutilation, throat slashings, stabbings, shootings, torture, and nude shower fist fights” – pophorror.com