Educating Yuna 1 & 2 Double-bill

A dark and erotic double-bill featuring Mari Yamaguchi as Yuna, a woman bound for pleasure…

Educating Yuna AKA Juban o nurasu hebi: SM kaika-hen

Yutaka Ikejima, 2005, 61 mins

A shy and innocent college student, infatuated by a famous professor, goes to stay at his countryside home, to help him organize his art collection. There, she meets Erika and Miho, an S&M queen and her mistress.

Through them, Yuna is introduced to a new, unfamiliar, and tantalizing world; which tests the boundaries of her acceptance.

“Slick, sexy and at times genuinely engrossing” –

Educating Yuna 2 AKA Hitozuma o nurasu hebi: SM shigoku-hen

Yutaka Ikejima, 2005, 62 mins

Three years have passed since becoming the professor’s human BDSM plaything, and Yuna is now happily married… But still, there is something deep inside her that makes it difficult to keep up her vanilla façade. Eventually, she returns to the professors’ estate to feel the sensual grip of the rope again.

‘BDSM scenes so strong you can almost feel the tautness of the rope and the lash of the whip!’ – Pink Eiga TV

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