Educating Yuna

Yutaka Ikejima, 2005, 61 mins

AKA Juban o nurasu hebi: SM kaika-hen

“There’s nothing more beautiful than a girl tied up…”

Yuna is a shy and innocent college student. One day, she meets Professor Shibuya, a famous art critic and collector. Yuna is infatuated by his personality, and falls in love with him. Shibuya invites Yuna to his countryside home, to help him organize his art collection. There, she meets Erika and Miho, an S&M queen and her mistress. Through them, Yuna is introduced to a new, unfamiliar, and tantalizing world; which tests the boundaries of her acceptance.

“Slick, sexy and at times genuinely engrossing” –

“for fans of the genre who find the erotic scenes to be the biggest draw, and particularly enjoy S&M themed productions, “Educating Yuna’ should be essential viewing” –