Double Bill: Lips Of Blood / The Living Dead Girl

Jean Rollin, 1975 / 1982, 87 mins / 89 mins

A double bill of female vampires, blood, and twisted horror for the sick.sick.sick price of $6.66!

Lips Of Blood – Terror has a sex and it is female…

The Living Dead Girl – To live she must kill!

Lips Of Blood

AKA Levres De Sang

When asked which of his own films was his favourite, Jean Rollin would name Lips of Blood; which tells the tale of a young man haunted by a photograph of an old castle near a beach, whose name and whereabouts he can never remember, and a women in white who he sees again and again.

Eventually, he follows the woman in white to a cemetary where he unwittingly frees several female vampires who threaten to cause mayhem on the streets of Paris.

The Living Dead Girl

AKA La Morte Vivante

Catherine Valmont (Françoise Blanchard), a wealthy heiress dead before her time, is accidentally reanimated when some unfortunate movers attempt to store drums of chemical waste in the neglected burial vaults below her uninhabited chateau.

Rollin’s “living dead girl” does everything that cinematic convention requires – she kills people, drinks human blood, devours human flesh – yet for all this, we accept her as an innocent. Meanwhile the effect that her resurrection has upon her childhood friend, Hélene (Marina Pierro), is infinitely more conscious, deliberate, and evil.