Donna Matilde

Marcus Dolby 2015, 90 mins

AKA The Legacy of Donna Matilde AKA L’Eredita di Donna Matilde

The rich and sophisticated Alessandra (Alexandra Stein) inherits a country cottage from her uncle, but Matilde and her family already live there, by previous agreement with the dead uncle; so they don’t want to leave the house.

Matilde tries to claim possession of the cottage because of her long occupation of it, aiming to become its sole owner, with the complicity of her lawyer Nobili (played by Andrea Nobili). The result is a succession of infidelities and betrayals with intriguing hot scenes.

Patrizia (Cathy Heaven), the rich heiress’s secretary, exploits all her talents for seduction to extract precious information from the lawyer’s clerk that they use against Matilde. Alessandra seems to have won the struggle, but the ending reserves surprises…

“I get what I want….”