Documentaries, Demons, & Death

When documentaries go D A R K …

Beasts, covens, and cults… Bundled together to binge

The Devil’s Familiar – Kieran ‘Ran’ Edwards, 2020, 60 mins

A video camera is anonymously handed to the Police. On it is a partially completed documentary by two film students, about a grisly murder and disappearance from some years back, in the nearby Ribbesford Woods. A  woman, Sally Edwards, was convicted of the murder, and committed, but some believe a mysterious beast was responsible… Elliot and Jake decide to visit the scene of the murder to learn the truth…

2020  Official Selection – Horror-on-Sea Film Festival

“a fun watch…and features impressive blood and gore” –

The Truth Will Out – Jessica Hunt and Sam Mason Bell, 2020, 89 mins

A documentary crew interviews a woman and her two daughters, who claim to be witches. The presenter is a bit of a pervert and crosses the line with the younger daughter, and the women turn out to actually be pretty witchy and not just mad… Exacting their revenge on him with a pretty definitive conclusion.

“A nice and nasty surprise…well worth catching” –

“Absolutely unnerving” –

Damien – Bobby Marno, 2021, 88 mins

A film crew set out to film a local farmer, Damien, about his family history relating to the area. At first Damien seems quite pleasant, but they begin to feel that something is off at the farm. The next morning one of the party has bailed in the night, off back to town. Left to their own devices by Damien, they creep up the forbidden stairs, and discover exactly why they were not supposed to go up there… Did their friend made it back to town or not…?

The Sequel is coming!!

“An exciting mystery, filled with symbolism and a certain eeriness that constantly leaves the viewer in suspense.” – indiefilmcritics