Bobby Marno, 2021, 88 mins

That symbol is everywhere… and I mean everywhere

A film crew set out to film a local farmer about his family history relating to the area. The crew are keen to film in the nearly derelict, old family farmhouse, but their flame haired subject, Damien becomes even more odd and slightly cagey about it. He relents and walks them up to the cottage, but forbids anyone from going upstairs. He doesn’t seem happy to catch one of them halfway up the stairs when his back is turned…

The next morning the crew set out to investigate some strange rune-like symbols they noticed in both Damien’s newer house, and the old cottage; and find that one of the party has bailed in the night back to town. When they arrive at the old farmhouse to reinvestigate without Damien’s watchful eye, they creep up the forbidden stairs, and discover exactly why they were not supposed to go up there, and begin to question whether their friend made it back to town or not…

“For a found footage movie, ‘Damien’ was pretty damn excellent.” – indyred
“An exciting mystery, filled with symbolism and a certain eeriness that constantly leaves the viewer in suspense.” – indiefilmcritics