Cruel Britannia

Mad, Bad… and Fabulous!

A Triple-Bill of British made film featuring psychos, witches, monsters and devil-worship!

Tormented – Jason Impey, 2009, 40 mins

A young woman, Faye is kidnapped and struggles to break free, but why has she been targeted and what dark secrets does she have? What price will it cost her to get away from him and her past once and for all? What can torment drive you to?

The Devil’s Familiar – Kieran ‘Ran’ Edwards, 2020, 60 mins

Found footage of an amateur documentary about an old murder takes a dark turn when conspiracy theories that the real murderer was never found appear to have some basis…

“a fun watch… and features impressive blood and gore” –

The Truth Will Out – Jessica Hunt & Sam Mason-Bell, 2020, 89 mins

A documentary crew interview a woman and her two daughters, who claim to be witches.

“A nice and nasty surprise…well worth catching” –

“Absolutely unnerving” –