Cosmotropia de Xam Triple bill

A mind-warping, eyeball licking, visually sumptious triple-bill…

Acid Babylon

After the river went red, the vampires left Babylon. The city is empty. Only one woman survived. She is the last woman. Daughter of Nosferatu.


Parasites that take over brains. Paranoia and amnesia controlling the city. A state of emergency. Who is this mysterious person, who controls the parasites and what is her plan? A clockwork of puzzle pieces.


The shadow of darkness is where the vampires stay. Saturated neon colour lights of the big city. Soul intoxication of a single ticket. Near the streets of the weeping houses they are looking for their next victim.

Drink my milk, taste my blood.

A surreal nightmare, infused with strong visual influences from Zulawski to Jean Rollin to Japanese horror manga, set to a score that moves from pounding 80s-style electronics to 70s prog and psychedelic rock.

Watch Black Mass of the Brain, also from Cosmotropia de Xam  HERE

$9 for 5 days rental