Pinku – The Colour of Love

Three light hearted tales of ruinous relationships…

A trio of hapless hook-ups…

A triumvirate of cataclysmic connections!

Coming Out – Osamu Satô, 2005, 64 mins

When you realise your boyfriend is the wrong sex for you, because you meet the coolest chick, who saves you from a groper on the train…

PINK FILM AWARD – 2006 Won – Best New Actress, Kyoko Natsume – 1st Place

Love Square – Rei Sakamoto, 2005, 64 mins

When you realise both you and your boyfriend are cheating… and you’re pregnant, and so’s his mistress

Starring the sexy Kyoko Natsume (Coming Out) and Minami Aoyama (Uncle’s Paradise)

Dirty Scoundrels – Toshirô Enomoto, 2002, 63 mins

When you fall in love with a woman who robbed you on the train, even though you have a girlfriend… but your girlfriend is already cheating on you.

A strangely heart-warming tale of finding love in the strangest of situations