Casino 45

Marcus Dolby, 2008, 88 mins

AKA Cathouse 45

Rimini, Italy 1945… The war is over and two soldiers decide to celebrate their return by visiting a brothel.

One of the soldiers, Tonino, is reluctant to go because he is engaged and doesn’t want to be unfaithful to his future wife, despite a lack of passion in their relationship. However, once inside the Maitresse (Vittoria Risi) convinces him to have a go with one of the women and he enters an alcove where, to his surprise, he discovers that the woman who is waiting for him is his girlfriend (Fiamma Monti). Once they get over their shock at meeting each other they find that their love and desire has been rekindled!

A brothel love story… Bellissimo!

Watch the Purgatory version here – This version is not available in the UK