Black Pinku

Sex and erotica mashed with dark, bleak, tragic drama for a truly sumptuous Bleak Friday experience…

Dependence – Yûji Tajiri, 2006, 64 mins

A drama about betrayal and the illogical nature of love and happiness. Following a miscarriage and a move to her husband’s rural hometown, which isolates her further; a lonely woman finds comfort in the arms of her father-in-law. Fantastic chemistry between the two leads and senstive story telling makes an extreme and bleak situation quite tender, human and real.

Fall Into The Blue – Toshiro Enomoto, 2006, 64 mins

Yasuko and Shizuka, friends and coworkers, come to be so much more after a terrible incident involving Shizuka’s boyfriend.

“manages to pack a bit of an emotional punch, while creating strong characters” –

No Good Men – Takahisa Zeze, 1995, 64 mins

Sex in the workplace can get a little messy… especially if you’re with the wrong man.

Kumiko (Shoko Kudo) is a girl that simply wants to be loved, and that leads to her downfall as she seeks the arms of anyone, from strangers to her own boss. Her romantic problems only worsen when one man records their sexual encounter on tape and uses the footage to torment her.