Black Magic Rites

Renato Polselli, 1973, 98 mins

AKA The Reincarnation of Isabel

In the late-1300s, the beautiful and innocent Isabella is tortured and burned at the stake for supposed witchcraft, in front of her lover who swears revenge. A group of vampires keep Isabella’s remains, waiting until they can resurrect her. The newly-wed new owners of the castle arrive, clearly in the dark as to the virgin sacrifices occuring underneath them, and things kick off.

What follows is a series of frenzied and crazed depictions of torture, burnings, and SM sex; Italian style, in what has to be one of the most bizarre horror films ever made.

“very sexy (there’s abundant nudity), very gory, and has a nonstop general feeling of weirdness and gloom” – imdb

“Rita Calderoni, stands out throughout the film both for her screen presence and her various states of undress” – DVD Drive in