Be Nasty – Three films from Jason Impey

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Three twisted tales of violence, sadism & perversion from the dark mind of Jason Impey

Tormented – 2009, 40 mins

A young woman, Faye is kidnapped and struggles to break free, but why has she been targeted and what dark secrets does she have? What can torment drive you to?

Exploited (Home Made Redux) – 2014, 33 mins

A loner, Jack Hess, makes home-made horror films; and is obsessed with creating evermore violent and sick scenarios to film. Seen through the lens of his camera we watch as Hess hassles, abuses and eventually kills the women he is filming until, eventually, one of them fights back…

Redemption – Jason Impey and Kieran Johnston, 2020, 17 mins

A man goes deep into an isolated wood to seek redemption for his sins. Warning: scenes not for the faint hearted.

A new title from Jason will be added in June 2022, and Kaz B (Exploited) also features in Jason’s film Lustful Desires – also available on RTV here.