Around the World in 80 Screams

Nasty just went global…

Astaroth – Larissa Anzoategui, 2014, 76 mins

A tattoo artist, becomes obsessed with the occult and in particular, the demon, Astaroth. As part of a ceremony to summon the demon mixes his blood with the ink he uses to create his satanic tattoo art. Astaroth, in turn, begins to work her evil through two girlfriends of Gregorio and unleashes Hell on earth!

“It’s sexy, it’s bloody, it’s got tattoos, demons, parties, metal bands and even ninja skills – A must-see for fans of Brazilian horror!”

Shock – Alessandro Redaelli (Between Us), Domiziano Christopharo (Chromophobia), 2013, 90 mins

Two tales, twice the shock. In the first tale, Between Us, Yuri and Max have been friends for a lifetime, spending their evenings drinking and discussing their lives. But this particular evening will be their last. The second story, Chromophobia, sees Celeste and her husband rent a country house for the holidays, but this is a house with a terrible history that slowly infects Celeste’s mind…

“well shot, good acting and very, very gory”

Escape Room – Andreas Marfori, 2018, 111 mins 

A group of friends decide to go to a peculiar Escape Room – seemingly on the recommendation of a ouija board. The venue checks out though, and the group have to escape various trap rooms in the labyrinth of an old Moscow palace. At first the game seems fun, but there is darkness afoot – blood feuds, betrayal, voodoo, cannibals and the secret agenda of the mysterious and sybilline quest master… The group suddenly find themselves in a frantic search for an escape from the now very real horrors of The Quest of Fear!

This title is not available in Russia, but you can watch the other titles individually: Astaroth, and Shock.