A Girl

Simon Black, 2014, 75 mins

God speaks to me….

Pearl is a seemingly ‘normal’ young woman who lives a reclusive lifestyle. She struggles between her sexual desires and societies ‘acceptable’ behaviour. One day she hears a voice claiming to be Jesus talking to her through the radio. Pearl communicates with him in what appears to be waking consciousness as well as in her dreams, and he slowly takes over her mind… Manipulating and tormenting her as she is pulled between sexual desire and sexual guilt.

A GIRL is the first film in a new series of Satanic Slut: Second Generation productions and includes a number of disturbing and erotically charged scenes in which the diminutive Pearl (Hannah Short) uses her body and sexuality to challenge and arouse the viewer in equal measure.

“Far removed from the sort of gothed up soft porn glamour that you might have expected… never less than interesting” – Reprobate Press